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My recent ideas on the project.
I plan to rewrite this small tool with QT for the client end and Python for the service end and make it run on Google App Engine.

Project Description
TeamView is a tool to help the project manager and the team members have a better view on the progress of the tasks in the project.

Currently, it is in conceptual level. It will be a long time to make it close to a production level or it will never to be production level as it is developed at my causal time based on my daily project management experiences.


Latest screenshot


Core features

  1. Report which task has been delayed to complete to would be delayed to complete
  2. Report handled tasks in a specified time range
  3. Report the tasks implementation history in a specified time range
  4. Report the completed tasks in a specified time range
  5. Agile features

Currently the tool is designed at the conceptual level. Some real world features such as the user managment, service deployment have not been considered yet. If you are interested in this project and think it has a good prospect, please feel free to contact us at nova


  1. subsonic
  2. autofac
  3. Moq

design pattern

  1. Repository Pattern
  2. Unit Test

Demo Site

  1. The first site for team view


  1. Create a fork TeamView1
Please contact me or go to our team's site at

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