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When the first day the TeamView was built out, it was ready to embrace the agile features.

TeamView aims to reflect the current status of the team in real time, while reduce to workload of the project manager in statistics. So the project manager could take more efforts on the other areas of team building.

One of spirit in agile is to let the team members know where they are in the tons of tasks. The TeamView let them know in the following two aspects.

The color alerted progress

Teamview currently have 3 colors to alert the progress.
  1. Yellow color: indicate that half of the time has been passed in the progress
  2. Red color: indicate that the time consumed exceeds the original estimated time
  3. Purple color: indicate that the time consumed exceeds the double of original estimated time

It is a good time point for the project manager to ask the status of a task that currently has yellow status to check if the task can be done within the estimate.

The available time before the deadline

If you select the values, processing, suspended and pending, in the status checklist box, and then query, TeamView will sum up the total hours of estimate and total hours of burned. Then you can tell the the available time before the deadline.

!!Smart Plan Option
Smart plan option will put the tasks that have higher priorities and smaller sizes in the front places. It is simple but really helpful to you to determine which one should be handled first and will be completed in short time. It is from agile methodology.
smart plan.jpg

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