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JIRA is the powerful bugs management system. Now you can import the xml exported from the JIRA system to TeamView.
There are two steps to import the issues from the JIRA to TeamView.
  1. Export/download the JIRA items in a xml format to a local system
  2. Run JIRAImporter in command line window to import

Prior to running JIRAImporter, we should handle some configurations in JIRAImporter.exe.config.
  1. Database connection string should be specified the same as that in TeamView.exe.config
  2. AssigneeMap should be specified as the form "usernameInTeamView:userNameInJIRa,"

Then run the JIRAImporter with the only argument, the fillename of the exported JIRA file in xml format, in the command line as following.
JIRAImporter "f:\JIRA.xml"

The import process would output two files.
  1. ImportBugFeedback.xml
  2. ImportSizeChanged.xml

ImportBugFeedback.xml records the change from completed to pending. It is normally caused by the bug repoted in JIRA not passing the test and is assigned back.

ImportSizeChanged.xml records the change in the size.

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