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The executables are ready to run after you download the package to your system. However, you have to install the database and modfiy the configuration file prior to run the TeamView.Client.exe.

Install the Db

The sql script file has been shipped with the package named TeamView_Db.sql.

Change the configuration file

  • Add the team members
<DealManConfig DealMen=",czy,frank,edward," CurrentLogin="czy"/>

Please locate the DealManConfig and specify the DealMen and CurrentLogin attributes.
The values in DealMen are seperated with comma. Please keep the comma at the first to let you have an empty option in the dropdown list.

The value in CurrentLogin should existing in DealMen. Based on the setting above, the system will select czy as default when the system startup in the programmer list.
  • Evaluation
<HardLevelConfig DefaultHardLevel="2" HardLevels="1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10"/>

The default evaluation value is set in DefaultHardLevel. It is applied when the task is added.

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