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Although only the alpha version is released, it is able to help your project management in a small team(2-8 guys). Please follow the steps below to learn how to get the benifit of project management from TeamView.

Add Issue

Click "New" button on the main screen to open "Add New" screen.

Click "Hint" button to see how to input. If you know the format of the input, you can type the issue diectly. This way is invented to accelerate the input.

Please be informed that the system can generate the Issue number automatically for you if you just type a category word. In the example above, T is input as the category word. The system will generate, let's say, T-1 when the issue is saved to the system.

Start process the issue

start process.jpg
As soon as the "Start" is clicked, the system began to record the time consumption of the issue. You can click "Query" button to refresh the value in the fired cell to see the real time consumption of the task.

Abort process the issue

If you want to abort to process the current issue due to the higher priority issue comming in, just click "Abort". As soon as the "Abort" is clicked, the system stops to record the time consumption of the issue.

Complete the issue

If you think the issue has been completed, just click "Complete". It is a useful flag in the report which will be mentioned later.

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